Mafia Island

Mafia Island is like Zanzibar 25 years ago: unspoiled and laid-back. This is a popular hangout to relax after your safari to enjoy the secluded beaches that offer privacy and tranquility. Mafia’s remote location and modest facilities means it receives only selective visitors, so this is nothing like an all-inclusive resort-style vacation; it is a destination for adventures, backpackers and early adopters. The diving is perhaps the best in all of Tanzania and without the crowds. It is widely regarded as one of the unexplored gems of Western Indian Ocean, so if you have the time and opportunity to organize a trip here you should definitely consider it.

At Mafia Iswhale-shark-snorkel_mafia islandland life is centered in and around the small village of Kilindoni, a modest town with mainly sandy roads and a small airport for light aircraft. The largest part of the island is about nature, including amazing dive sites where you won’t find many other divers. Other wildlife is varied; monkeys, small antelopes, wild pigs, bushbabies as well as a small colony of elusive hippos. There are also countless types of birds.


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