Pemba Island

Pemba is Zanzibar's sister island, about 50km (31 miles) north of Zanzibar. It is an authentic oceanic island, rising from great depths. Topped with rolling hills and lush valleys, covered with dense clove tree forests, coconut trees and mango plantations it is also known as "The Green Island" in Arabic. The outlying islands of Pemba are beautiful and completely untouched. Beautiful beaches, natural forests and outstanding diving are the main attractions.

Despite years of isolation from the outside world, Pemba has been receiving a small but growing number of tourists over the past years and today it is rapidly becoming a unique destination in its own right. Infrastructure and facilities are much less developed than on Zanzibar, which means that it is still unspoiled. There is not an abundance of accommodations and the transport is also limited, so if you are not into ‘mainstream’ travelling, this could be the just the place for you.


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