Tioman Island, or Pulau Tioman, is like a small mountain in the sea with granite boulders covered with 12,000 hectares of lush, impenetrable jungle that make up most of this mid-sized island. The natural beauty and peace of the island is its biggest attraction. Tioman is in within the Mersing Marine Park and sits on a formation of granite boulders, which provide interesting rocky formations for diving. The rocks are covered with soft and hard coral and there is plenty of marine life to be found, including 2 species of turtles.

With many streams and waterfalls, the dense forest remains healthy, protecting various flora and fauna including butterflies, birds, monitor lizards, deer and monkeys. Many resorts and/or cottages are integrated with this scenery against the green slopes. There are also some nice beaches, mostly placed at the edges of villages or in front of one of the resorts. There are over 20 dive sites and it is one of the few places in Malaysia where you can come across schools of dolphins.


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