Little Cayman Is the smallest and least developed of our three Cayman Islands and is known for its excellent scuba diving and bird watching, unspoiled wildlife habitat and laid-back atmosphere; often also chosen to be a perfect honeymoon destination. Little Cayman is also a popular scuba diving destination, with over 50 divespots, including dramatic drop-offs and swim-throughs. Bloody Bay Marine Park is one of the top spots for wall-diving, starting at around 7 meters (20ft) and dropping to a depth of over hundreds of meters.

The total residents here are under 200, so that this Caribbean (honeymoon) destination remains mostly uninhabited offering sun drenched solitude, shiny beaches and untouched tropical wilderness. The island is about 10 miles (16 km) long with an average width of 1 mile (2 km) and. Almost the entire island is at sea level. Little Cayman’s reefs are exceptionally healthy for a regularly dived area and inhabited by a full range of typical Caribbean reef life.



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