As one of the first discovered islands and also the biggest and most populous, São Miguel offers a wealth of culture and history. Also known as the Green Island, São Miguel offers rich nature with volcanic craters with lakes, thermal springs, valleys, etc. and it is a Mecca for Spas. It is also a popular diving destination, offering access to the amazing Ilhéus das Formigas (Formigas Islets), the active underwater volcano at Castro Bank and the underwater mountains of Dollarabat Bank. At many of these you can spot Mobulas (Devil Ray).

Sao Miguel is the largest island in the Azores archipelago and the one with the most diving spots and variety in type of dives. There are World War II wrecks, marine reserves, pinnacles with strong currents, caves, and you can have encounters with pelagic marine life, such as Devil Ray (Mobulas).


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