Kaş is one of the major cities of Lycia, located in the western part of Antalya. Kaş is especially known for its historical and geographical sites. It is also known as “the Land of Light, “and the residential area of many ancient cities, Kaş is a peaceful seaside resort located by the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea with the Taurus Mountains in the background.

Bearing the traces of the most spectacular ancient civilizations such as the Lycian, Greek and Roman civilizations, Kaş is surrounded with landmarks and ruins shedding light on the history of antiquity. Apart from the relaxed atmosphere, Kaş is also particularly popular for sailing and underwater sports.

Kas is probably the best place for diving in Turkey. The interesting rock formations of the Lycian Coast, the marine life and, most of all, antique relics (amphoras) makes Kas a diver’s paradise. There are over 25 divespots, including archeological sites, reefs, walls, caves and wrecks. The visibility is also very good, sometimes even up to 40 meters.

Marine life includes large groupers, schools of barracuda, rays, turtles, octopus and amberjack. There have been sightings of giant turtles and regularly you can have an encounter with dolphins and seals.



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