Egypt has two seasons: a mild winter and a sunny summer. Although, the Red Sea Riviera has great weather all year round, the summer (June-September) is quite warm.

Between November and March the daytimes are pleasantly warm, whereas evenings and nights are cool. In April and May temperatures are generally mild.  Late September and October, as well as April and May are ideal for touring Egypt.

The average air temperature is 27°C and starts at 20°C in January, going up to 33°C in summer. Water temperature is therefore pleasant with an average 25°C (coolest in January with 22°C, 26-28°C in the summer months and dropping back to 23-24°C in December).

From June to September the weather is very hot, dry in the desert areas and humid in the Nile Valley and on the White Mediterranean coast. Sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and good hydration are essential, and trips to the desert areas aren’t advisable in that period of the year.