Practical Diving Tips

Wetsuits are required in summer and in winter, mainly for protection. Like many other destinations today, you are not permitted to wear any gloves. It has been claimed that Egyptian law requires divers to have a minimum of 50 logged dives for the following National/Marine Parks: The Brothers, Daedalus, Rocky Island and Zabargad. For these marine parks night diving is also often forbidden. For formalities such as visas or for specific procedures, check the Egypt tourist information website.


In the past years, Egypt has had its political turmoil, and in 2015 there were several terrorist attacks on tourists in the main tourist destinations, so check your Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website to see what their recommendation is on safety. These events have decreased the influx of tourist dramatically so if/when areas are officially declared safe you’ll probably able to get a good deal. In relation to this, a liveaboard could also be interesting. It could be a great opportunity to see i.e. the Thistlegorm without any crowds!

Although some risk-areas could be far away from your anticipated destination keep in mind that insurance policies might not be valid when travelling to Egypt, so double-check that if you’re planning to go anyway.