Egypt tops any ‘best of’ chart when it comes to diving; at least a dozen dive spots will claim a place in every top 100 list. The Red Sea and Sinai are therefore one of the most famous diving destinations in the world. The Red Sea offers an idyllic setting for exploring underwater landscapes. You’ll be entranced by the multifarious flora and fauna, amazed by the abundant tropical coral reefs and enthralled by the impressive array of ancient shipwrecks. The waters are warm and the visibility is outstanding. These factors combined with high saline levels create a versatile environment with over a thousand different types of coral reef and species (such as 300 shark species).

Well-established diving centers provide scuba diving information and arrange courses, daily excursions, and live-aboard trips to almost anywhere, from the coral outcrops of Taba to the vertical walls of Ras Mohammed, from the wrecks of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas to the offshore islands of The Brothers and Zabargad. The biggest (luxury) problem is to decide where you want to go.