South Africa

If you are going to dive in a Marine Protected Area you need a Scuba Diving Permits. These are available at some Post Offices close to the MPA’s, and are valid for all MPA’s. The costs is around 80 Rand.

Visa: most visitors are allowed in South Africa without a visa for either 30 or 90 days, depending on your nationality.

Vaccinations: There are a lot of difference infectious diseases (Malaria, HIV, Bilharzia, Hepatitis etc.). Dependable of the region you’re going and the duration of stay you might need a vaccination. You can inform at your local travel agency or your doctor. You can also take a look on the CDC – South Africa.

Medical care: Facilities are limited in the outlying areas. Around major urban center the facilities has excellent modern medical care.
Crime: In South Africa there is a high crime level so take your precautions. Check out a guidebook to see what to look out for.