The Tanzanian Spice Islands, Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Island are the focal point for diving. Here you can find world-class reefs with colorful coral, schools of tropical fish and big marine life including whales and Whale Sharks. Out of the three islands, Zanzibar is the most popular and developed one. Zanzibar has good facilities and caters to all type and level of divers.

The more remote and less developed Mafia Island is THE place for diving with Whale Sharks. It also has Chole Bay, the largest protected marine reserve of East Africa with one of the richest reefs in the world with an unmatched variety of corals and over 400 species of marine life. Visibility is excellent and can reach easily 30 meters (100ft). The diving season is year round, although some months can be more or less favorable, see “when to go”.