Malaysia has a tropical, humid climate with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 32°C (70°F-90°F) year round. The higher elevations (such as the Cameron Highlands) are cooler. The best time for diving depends on your location, but in general you could say that it is anywhere between March and early October:

  • Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak): Year-round, but April – August has the best visibility.
  • Peninsular Malaysia, East Coast: March – October
  • Peninsular Malaysia, West Coast: December – May

Layang-Layang (northwest Sabah) has a dive season that runs from March to August. The Tioman season (Peninsula, southeast-coast) runs from March to November with liveaboards operating there mostly between June and September.

Generally, the wet season runs from November to March for the main diving locations. On Borneo the climate is equatorial with a Northeast Monsoon in Sabah (October – February) and the same goes for the Peninsula’s West Coast. Sarawak, the southwest of Borneo, has a wet season from April to October, comparable to that of Peninsula’s West coast. Here, most rain falls in the months of July and August, but this is not really a monsoon having less rain, usually heavy and short in the afternoons.