Grand Cayman is the most popular, but also busiest destination, especially with the countless cruise ships docking at Georgetown. There are a myriad of divespots for all levels, both boat and shore dives. The area can roughly be divided into 4 areas: Seven Mile Beach and the Northwest Point, The North Wall, The South Side, and The East End. In total there are over 160 dive spots. Because of the prevailing south-east winds, it is rare to dive the South Side dive sites. See highlights for the best divespots.

Little Cayman and Cayman Brac offer a much smaller-scale experience. The infrastructure is less developed and the population is a fraction than that of Grand Cayman. Little Cayman, the smallest island, is home to about less than 200 full-time residents. It is famed for its vibrant colors and dramatic drop offs and swim throughs. Bloody Bay Marine Park is one of the world’s most famous dive sites.

Cayman Brac (“The Brac”) has over 50 divespots and offer a nice mixture of wall, wreck and reef diving for all experience levels. There are about 1,500 full-time residents spread across the island in settlements and resorts. There is not really an actual town.