Lying beneath Grenada’s surface is some of the Caribbean’s most dramatic and unspoiled underwater scenery with wrecks, reefs, walls, pelagic marine life and amazing drift dives, a diving ‘signature’ of the islands. Being swept by the powerful Guyana Current, currents can range from a gentle drift to a mighty 3,5 knots. There are over 30 dive sites in Grenada and around 20 in Carriacou.

Grenada is also known as the ‘Wreck Diving’ destination of the Caribbean’ with 15 shipwrecks to choose from, including the famous Bianca C known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’. Visibility is very good, usually reaching 30 meters (100ft), depending on the season. Water temperature ranges from 26°C (74F) in winter to 28°C (84F) in summer.

Since Grenada is (relatively) not as heavily frequented by visitors as some other Caribbean destinations, the reefs, wrecks and walls remain unspoiled by crowds and many still need to be explored. Most divespots are are 15-20 minutes away by boat.