The Bianca C is known to be the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ and is listed as a Top 10 Wreck dive worldwide. It is an enormous Cruise Ship of 180m/590t that sank in 1961 in Grenada. The Bianca C’s main route ran from Italy to Venezuela, including stops in the Caribbean.

Moilinere Bay, aka Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area (MBMPA) located 3km/2miles north of St Georges, is home to 65 sculptures. This designated National Marine Park covers an area of 800sq meters. The project was the first underwater sculpture park from the famous Jason deCaires Taylor, the internationally acclaimed sculptor who creates underwater living installations. The bay is enclosed by rock headlands and has a small beach in one corner. DeCaires’other famous sculpture park is MUSA, in Yucatan, Mexico. The depth ranges from 0- 25m. It can be reached by both land and boat.  by walking down to Dragon bay and following the beach down in a southerly direction. As artificial reefs, these sculptures are proving highly successful in attracting a stunning array of varied marine life.