Green Turtle Bonaire

The fringing reef that surrounds Bonaire is a National Park (The Bonaire Marine Park) from the high water mark down to a depth of 60 meters (200 ft). Bonaire has 86 official dive sites, out of which 53 are easily accessible by shore. Most are marked by yellow stones. You’ll find them on the side of the road. Each stone carries the name of the particular dive site.

All users of the Bonairian waters are required to purchase a nature tag. This tag is USD 25 for divers and USD 10 for all other users. This is to contribute to the preservation of the Bonaire Marine Park.

Every diver who has not dived on Bonaire within the last calendar year must attend a diver orientation dealing with Bonaire Marine Park regulations and information. These orientation sessions are usually held in the morning after you arrive on Bonaire, and you are required to attend and to obtain your Marine Park tag.