The most famous and poplar dive is the Zenobia. This ferry sank on June, 7th, 1980 and is recognized as one of the best wreck dives in the world. This 178 meters (584ft) long cargo ship sunk with 104, fully loaded lorries and other large vehicles on board, having an estimated worth of £200 million. Due to its length and numerous options to enter the wreck, divers usually plan multiple dives. It lies on her port-side at a depth of 42 meters (138ft) at the bottom to 15m (50ft) at its upper/starboard side. Visibility is quite good, although inside you’ll need a torch (obviously). Marine life includes barracuda, large groupers and triggerfish.

Apart from the Zenobia, there are a few other nice divespots. One of them is the HMS Cricket, a World War II gunboat that survived the war and that was used by the British Military as a practice target near Larnaca bay. It lies upside down and can be penetrated. Divers swim under the wreck through a sandy dip created by the currents.

Green Bay is also a popular divespot, which is located on the eastern part of the island (Akamas Peninsula).