• Any person wishing to dive needs to register at a dive centre prior to diving. All persons registering at a dive center are required to fill out a medical questionnaire to showcase medical fitness. In case of doubt or at discretion, persons may be requested to undergo a medical examination for an approval in writing. All dive centers provide the service of a doctor (cost around €20).
  • There is a Hyperbaric Unit/decompression chamber at the Mater Dei Hospital, Msida, Malta. For diving incidents requiring medical attention call: (356) 25455269 or 112.
  • Malta – Gozo takes approximately 25 minutes by ferry. There are also regular boat services between each island and Comino.
  • Language: Maltese/English. Italian is also spoken fluently.
  • All the road signs are in English and driving is on the left
  • Speedboat and ferry traffic can be quite heavy especially in peak summer months and in the Gozo Channel area. Divers are required to fly the code-A flag or use a Surface Marker Buoy.
  • In some areas of the Islands, diving is strictly prohibited in order to protect the archaeological underwater heritage.