The Maltese Islands’ clear blue Mediterranean sea is ideal for scuba. Visibility is excellent at around 30m (sometimes up to 50m) and the water temperature is never below 14ᵒC.

There are over a dozen wrecks, including a planes, destroyers and a submarine, which makes Malta one of the most popular destinations for wreck diving. In 2009, the Maltese Islands were voted the third best dive destination by the UK ‘Diver’ Magazine.

The clear, calm, warm water, with its lack of significant tidal movement and the easy access to the dive sites makes the Maltese Islands ideal for divers of all levels.

A variety of measures including continuous improvement of dive sites, the development of artificial reefs, access ladders, kitting up benches, etc. are all contributing to a high quality diving environment.

The depths of the dives vary, from the shallow 12-metre Ghar Lapsi dive to Lantern Point, which takes divers to an underwater tunnel that leads down well over 50 metres. For the experienced divers, there are various sites that include archaeological artefacts, some from WWII, some even dating back to the Roman era.