With over a 100 diving spots, 3,000 marine species including 24 different species of cetacea, sharks and manta rays, wreck dives and various caves, pinnacles, and vertical walls, The Azores probably the most exotic diving location in Europe. The potential of the Azores is almost endless in terms of diving spots and types of diving. It offers adequate spots for various experience levels, from beginners to professionals, or with snorkeling to enjoy the abundant marine life and the crystal clear waters.

Two unique features make the Azores a unique place: the combination of subtropical and oceanic climate and the fact that the islands are in the Gulf Stream. Plankton and shoals of small fish like sardines attract large predators allowing you to have encounters with large species that are not found elsewhere in Europe, including Mobulas and Whale Sharks.

The best time to dive in Azores goes from June to November, when these large pelagic come to the archipelago. The current in that period is weaker and visibility can reach up to 60 meters. Diving in Azores is divided between seamounts and offshore diving in the islands or near islands coast.