Diving sites are mainly found on the southern end of Madeira and at the Ilhas (islands). The dive sites are easily accessible by boat (relatively short rides).

Favorites include: Corais Negros (Black Coral), Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf), Garajau Baía, Garajau Este (home to the large Mero), Recife dos Monges (Monk’s Reef), The Bowbelle (Bom Rei) wreck and Gruta dos Reis Magos (Three Kings Grotto).

Diving in/from Porto Santo is becoming more popular. The most well known divespot is the Madeirense, a cargo vessel that was sunk in 2000 to create an artifical reef and to put the island on the map for diving. It’s a great wreck dive for intermediate divers.