With a coastline of 8,000 km and growing tourism, diving is becoming increasingly popular. With its access to multiple seas there are various interesting opportunities for diving. Most of the diving is on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts (also known as the Turkish Riviera), where the number of dive centers is growing rapidly.

Turkey has warm, clear waters and a variance of underwater scenery such as walls, drops-offs, caverns, tunnels and pinnacles. Like most areas in the Mediterranean Sea, the bottom is mainly sand and/or rocks (no coral). Marine life is interesting with Grouper, Ray, Moray Eel, Turtles, Octopus, Seahorses and an abundance of nudibranch. It’s not as rich and exotic as in Egypt in the Red Sea or compared to the tropical areas, but it is one of the better diving destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.

There are various wrecks along the Turkish coast, including a replica of the oldest shipwreck found in history (the original is in a museum). One of the most other interesting experiences is the possibility to explore dive sites with ancient pottery (amphora). There are numerous sites like that.