From a diving perspective, Australia can be divided in six regions, largely corresponding with the official states and territories: Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria & Tasmania and the Northern territory.

  • Queensland, situated in the north-east, is one of the most popular regions in Australia, and rightly so with its attractive climate and outdoor coastal lifestyle. The most famous highlight for diving is the Great Barrier Reef, stretching more than 2000 kilometers along the Queensland coast and encompassing over 2900 coral reefs and a multitude of marine life. Areas further south, such as the Gold Coast, also have a lot to offer – both above and under water.
  • Western Australia is the largest region in the country, offering long days of sunshine and more than 13.000 kilometers of beautiful coastline. This region is home to the Coral Coast and Ningaloo Reef, which offer a great variety of diving spots. For example, in the winter you can spot humpback whales and during the summer there are giant turtles hatching on these shores.
  • New South Wales, situated in the south-east of Australia, is most well-known for the famous harbor city of Sydney and its many great beaches. However, this region also has a lot to offer under the sea. Lord Howe Island, for example, is home to the world’s most southern reefs.
  • South Australia, with its generally cooler waters, is the go-to destination for diving with Great Whites. It is also famous for its valleys of vineyards and green parkland. This region is perfect for experiencing wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas and penguins on Kangaroo Island.
  • Victoria is the smallest of the regions and home to Melbourne. For divers, the most attractive part of this region is the Port Phillip Bay, with a beautiful national park and some great diving spots. A cross-over to Tasmania is also worthwhile: the island offers stunning scenery plus clear and biologically diverse coastal waters for a great diving experience.
  • Finally, the rugged Northern territory, largely consisting of hot and dry deserts, is not particularly known for its diving possibilities, but there is still plenty to see under water: near the city of Darwin there are some nice reefs and impressive ship wrecks.