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Queensland has a couple of international airports. However, the number of overseas flights arriving here is limited, so flying via Sydney is generally the better option. There are a large number of domestic airports, the most important ones are Brisbane Airport, Cairns Airport and Gold Coast Airport, which are served by the three main interstate airlines (Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar). A flight from Sydney to Brisbane takes approximately 1.5 hours and a flight from Sydney to Cairns around 3 hours. Other means of transport – such as car, motorhome, coach and train are another option, but keep travel time in mind (i.e. driving from Sydney to Brisbane takes approximately 9 hours).

Although Queensland has a (sub-)tropical climate with gentle winters, a 5mm wetsuit is recommended in the coldest months (June-August). Also, be aware of jellyfish, especially during the hotter months (consult local agencies).

In many diving areas, ocean currents can be strong. Taking dive locators with you, such as flags or whistles, is therefore advised.